- Unify - Blossom -

- Celebrate -

Our intention is for the

Gold Lotus Tribe to embody the underlying Unity present in all Life and Sacred Teachings. 

We wish everyone to clearly see who they truly are and what it

means to be ALIVE.

Our Products, Meditations and Ceremonies are facilitating and concentrating the power which  already exists within.

All the answers are within.

Meditation and health are the keys.

 Free yourself of every Belief and become fearless, only then can our Hearts Bloom.

A blissful life is our

right and destiny.

"Only from the Heart can you touch the sky." - Rumi

Nicole and nico 


Our lives are of love, adventure, and freedom.


Since childhood, Nicole has been developing a deep, sacred bond with plants. She is a Plant empath, & certified herbalist with apothecary experience.

She is blissfully furthering her education along the plant path by incorporating Cosmic Astrology into her innerstanding of Plant Medicine.

Nicole is reiki certified & an Empathic energy healer of the Rose Golden Frequency. She instills this energetic healing in all her creations and co-creations with Nico. 


Nico is an esoterically inclined spiritual Teacher who has journeyed to peru to sit with Mother Ayahuasca.

He continues his studies in alchemy, alternative medicine, and ancient esoteric teachings with curiosity and zeal.

We have both  participated and hosted the Illuminated Heart Workshop taught by Evelyn Viviana, a teacher of the Drunvalo Melchizedek's

School of Remembering.

We have traveled Mystical Journeys all over the world, including a visit to an indigenous Arhuaco Village in The Sierra Nevadas of Santa Marta, Colombia for the Dawn of a New Time Gathering.


We Nourish ourselves with Electric Plant Based food & Herbs (influenced by dr. Sebi's research) and are working towards growing everything we consume in our Garden and soon to be food forest.


We were blessed with each other at a perfect time. We both have overcome great mental conditioning and physical challenges. We became the best of friends after realizing we share the same heart, and soon became partners in love.

We are perfect reflections of the other and humbly we are Blossoming into our True Selves.

We are both Gifted, Intuitive Herbal Healers, Gardeners, Alchemists, Shamans, & Masters of Meditations. And we are both certified Reiki  Practitioners.

Above all We have a love for  All Creation, The Earth, our fellow brothers and sisters and all plants and animals that is beyond measure.

Our every breath is a celebration of the  Great Spirit of Existence.

From our heart to yours, in deep compassion.


Much love and many blessings

In Loving Wholeness

~Nicole & Nico Zabalza

We work towards furthering the efforts of sustaining and re-establishing the lands and culture of the 4 indigenous tribes living in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. The Arhuaco, Kogi, Wiwa and Konkuamo, as well as all threatened indigenous cultures.

Heart Tribe

Evelyn Viviana- Awakening the Illuminated Heart - Mystical Journeys

Phoenix D`Vyne - Meditation Teacher - Mystical Journeys

Mark Roman - Spiritual Development - Orgasmic Living

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