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CHARMMs are designed to target one of the chakras and focus on that area of the Self.  When used in meditation it becomes a magnifier of your own inner healing. Chakras (sanskrit for wheels of light) are subtle energy centers in the body. As children we shine bright and show our true colors. Throughout life, things get in the way and our lights dim, our energies become disharmonious causing a state of dis-ease. Through spiritual practices it is possible to clear blockages and balance your subtle body. Meditation and Nutrition are the key! 

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Each CHARMM is a unique piece of art lovingly hand crafted and decorated in an authentic creation ceremony. Made with organic, fair trade 100% cotton fabric and elastic band. Filled with a mixture of Kapok fiber and aromatic herbs. Three crystal beads rest within in between the eyebrows. They are then charged with Reiki and all our love. Before shipment they are smudged with sage and sound cleansed in a Tibetan Singing Bowl.  They are designed to cleanse and reflect your inner light.

Kapok Fiber

Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) is an ancient tree that grows in sacred places all around the world. It can be found enveloping the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and has been long regarded as the creator of the universe and the Tree of Life symbolizing the three worlds by the mayans and indigenous people of Tropical America. They grow to over 200 ft. and produce hundreds of fruits. In the fruit is where the soft, silky fiber is found. It's Spirit assists us in the creation ceremony of each  CHARMM and aids the self healing process

during meditation. We source from a sustainable and abundant source in Africa which helps the native community to prosper.

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Third Eye


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Solar Plexus

"I love this mask so much, it has awesome energy and smells amazing. It really aids me in relaxing and focusing."

-floralthomas on Dec 27, 2016

"Amazing customer service! I ordered this mask for a deeper meditation during the day to block out light, however, it is so much more than just this. It has truly taken me into a deeper meditating and transcendent state of meditation!! It has a perfect fit and blocks out all areas of light. The center crystals fit perfectly over the third eye chakra. I am beyond pleased with my purchase. The makers are so wonderful to work with and truly have a heart for the work they are doing! The mask comes in its own lovely pouch to keep it in. Love and light to all who enjoy this as much as I do! Namaste."

-Susan Vaughn on Apr 27, 2017

"Returning customer always a pleasure. Beautiful is an understatement with all three items I’ve purchased so far. Keep up the amazing work."

-Nahrein Yacoub on Dec 22, 2017

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History of CHARMMs

The idea for charmm was born at an Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop taught by our dear friend Evelyn Viviana. She is a certified teacher in Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering. During the meditations we had to wear blindfolds because it drastically amplifies the experience. Evelyn had a mask that had a pocket for ear plugs in the front and she put a crystal in it! We thought it would be a great idea to make meditation masks with crystals and aromatherapy! That was in July 2015. A whole year of craziness went by and in July 2016 Nico's grandma, Mamu, invested in buying all of the materials we needed to make them and sewed 100 CHARMMs together. We couldn't have done anything without Mamu!! Nicole and I were dating at the time and she helped alot with ideas. Later that year Nicole and I got married and we started the official business almost a year later in August 2017, after selling all 100 original CHARMMs. It happened miraculously on Etsy with the help of Nicole's sister, Amanda who took beautiful photos for us. An organic spa from Hong Kong put in a wholesale order for 60 out of the blue. We stayed up all night stuffing and sewing and got it done! That made us enough money to invest in the business expenses. Then we had the fantastic idea to change the name to Mirror instead of Mask because it is more accurate since we are looking at our selves for what we really are. CHARMM is a manifestation of our creative talents and love becoming a source of currency and sovereignty.

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