Ancient Egyptian Anointing Oil for use in Self Anointing Sovereignty Ritual. 

Ceremonially created with the Frequency of Ancient Egypt, Infused with Solar and Lunar Energy, & Charged with Moon Stone. 

Blend of Sacred Essences of Flowers and Plants in the Highest Quality Oils with the aromatherapy of Ancient Egyptian Incense.

No fragrance used 100% natural and organic.  

This Ancient Egyptian Anointing Oil is made Ceremonially in timely conjunction with the most potent Planetary Energies.

The Aromatherapy will be similar in each bottle but the Energetic Properties will change.
For the most up to date creation please message for more information or to request a special custom made Anointing Oil. 

*This is a very High Vibrational Oil. Not to be used flippantly*

Ancient Egyptian Anointing Ritual Oil


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