Ancient Egyptian Anointing Oil for use in Self Anointing Sovereignty Ritual. 

*Unique Seasonal Formula*

Latest formulation Created and Infused in the Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Frequency cocreation with Botanical Spirits of over 11 plants and plant essences including Lavender, Jasmine, & Clove & proprietary blend for Alchemical Enhancement of Purification, Transmutation and Deeper Relation to the True Self. 

This Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse of November 2020 is very Potent Inergy stimulating curiosity and discovery of relational structures, revealing the Truth in all circumstances. 

Use this Oil with Full Awareness and Pure Intent.

Ceremonially created with the Frequency of Ancient Egypt,
 Infused with Solar and Lunar Energy, & Charged with Moon Stone, Smokey Quartz, & Amethyst,
Blend of Sacred Essences of Flowers and Plants in the Highest Quality Oils with the Aromatherapy of Ancient Egyptian Incense and unique Planetary Alignment at the time of Creation.

Stored in Patented Miron Black Violet Crystal Glass for Energetic and Molecular Enhancement and Most Optimal Preservation

No fragrance used 100% natural and organic.  

This Ancient Egyptian Anointing Oil is made Ceremonially in Seasonal conjunction with the most potent Planetary Energies.
The Aromatherapy will be Egyptian in base and fluidly take on the Unique Components of Energetic Aroma of the Planetary Forces during charging, 
Thus the Energetic Properties will change.
*Message for more information on the current Offering or to request a  custom made Anointing Oil for your purposes.

*This is a very High Frequency Oil.*


Ancient Egyptian Anointing Ritual Oil