Spanish Needles (Biden’s Alba) Tincture made with Homegrown Fresh plant material, flowers, stems, leaves, & seeds.

Traditionally used for colds & viruses, inflammation, pain, benign prostrate hypertrophy, ulcers, indigestion.

Acts like probiotic for digestive system. Nourishes mucousal lining.
High in minerals, twice as nutritious as spinach! 

Studies show effective against over 25 antibiotic resistant bacteria including MRSA. 

Tinctures Stored in MIRON Glass, a patented Black Violet Crystal glass created in Norway that Enhances Molecular Structure of contents. Please Reuse or return to us for recycling. 

Not FDA approved, not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. 
If pregnant or nursing consult your physician before use.

Biden’s Alba (Spanish Needles) Tincture