Blessed Love Spray formulated to cleanse your Aura and clear the space.

Specifically designed to assist in opening the Heart Chakra & Balancing Emotions.

With this Loving and Balancing Creation Intention our Blessed Love Spray is perfect for:

~Ceremony and Altar Preparation 

~Smoke Free Smudging

~Pre Meditation

~Pre Yoga

~Calm Anxiety

~Facial Toner

~Body Spray

White Ceremonial Sage, Rose, and Mugwort Essential Oils suspended in Organic Witch Hazel and Reiki Blessed & Crystal Infused Distilled Water.
Charging this Aromatherapeutic Elixir are 3 crystal beads: Rose Quartz to open the Heart, Selenite

to bring in Angelic Light and Black Tourmaline to Ground and Protect. 

Reiki Charged and Ceremonially Blessed. 

These Crystals will be infused with your intention throughout using the spray and once it is gone the Crystal Beads can be made into jewelry or a token that is instilled with your unique energy.


We don't compromise on quality so we package our Blessed Love Spray in Patented Miron Violet Glass that allows only the highest spectrum of ultraviolet light through to ensure highest quality, molecular structure and vibration of the Blessed Love Spray.

4 oz Patented Miron Glass Spray Bottle

Please Reuse your Miron Glass Packaging!

It is amazing to charge water in for a face spritzer! Or make a simple blend of tea tree, & lavender essential oil with some vinegar and water for an amazing bug repellant spray!

Injoy & Many Blessings!

Blessed Love Spray 4oz


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