Senna Alata or Candle bush is a Beautiful and Vibrant Plant. It's flowers are a bright yellow color that bring cheeriness when gazed upon! The leaves fold together at night like Butterfly Wings:)

This rare perennial is native to Mexico, it grows up to 4 meters high with horizontal branches. Found in Colombia, Central Africa, Cuba, India, Australia, North America, and many other countries. Candle bush is also known as Senna alata or ringworm bush. It is an herb used to make medicine from its leaves and fruit of the plant. The leaves fold over in the dark giving it its nickname. It is extremely fast growing. It is widely used in medicine for its fungicidal properties to treat fungal infections and ringworm. The pods and leaves can be cooked and eaten just like vegetables. You can grow this herb easily from seeds at home. It is extremely popular as an ornamental plant in Florida because of its beautiful color and appearance and its drought tolerance.


Planting: To germinate the seeds, start them indoors in February or March. Soak the seeds overnight in warm water. Direct sow when chances of frost have passed. Keep in mind, Candle Bush may reach 15 feet in height, so make sure it has room to shoot up and out. Maintenance is minimal. Water seeds until they sprout and watch the plant take off. Once established in the ground watering isn’t necessary in this area of Central Florida. In areas where Candle Bush may remain for a few years, pruning for shape is often necessary for the best appearance. Heavy pruning when blooms are finished results in a more compact bush if you prefer.


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Candle Bush Seeds (Senna Alata)


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