Harmonizing blend of Holy Basil, Gotu Kola, Lemon Balm, Tila, Lavender and Pink Rose

Organic - Handmade - SustainableAlchemically formulated and Reiki charged.These plants and elements came to us in meditation with the intention of being infused together for a beautiful and magical meditative experience. 

Reach new heights as you dive deeper than ever before. Best enjoyed in a morning meditative ceremony.

Stored in a Miron Glass Jar for optimal energetic preservation.Available in 1 oz or 2 oz.1 oz ~ 25 cups of teaInstructions: 1 tsp per cup of water. Steep loose tea covered while deep breathing for 20 minutes, strain and enjoy a cup of tea, followed by a day of meditative bliss.*We do not recommend for pregnant or nursing mothers. We do recommend doing your own research and making an educated decision.

Ceremonial Meditation Tea Refill


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