Aromatic Herb: Pink Rose is delicate and infatuating, while bringing a wave of calmness to a tense heart.


Crystal: Rose Quartz assists in opening and clearing the heart, giving a clear channel for empathy and forgiveness.


Anahata is a Sanskrit name meaning unstruck. It refers to the sound of an unstruck bell, the sound of OM: Silence which contains all sound. This chakra represents our center of love, morality, judgement and thoughts. It connects the lower and higher worlds. Within every heart is the universal center of Existence. The heart governs relationships and our capacity to love ourselves and others. Physically it is associated with the thymus gland and cardiac systems. Imbalance can manifest as experiencing on and off relationships, hate (including self hate) and grief.


Enhance the effects of any meditation. This is a unique piece of art lovingly hand crafted and decorated in an authentic creation ceremony. Made with organic, fair trade 100% cotton fabric and elastic band, and filled with a mixture of Kapok fiber (sprayed with essential oil) and aromatic herbs. Three crystal beads rest within, in between the eyebrows. They are then charged with Reiki and all our love. Before shipment they are smudged with sage and sound cleansed in a Tibetan Singing Bowl.


With the help of complete darkness from our CHARMMs, you can activate your pineal and pituitary glands fully during meditation. This complex is known as the third eye and with training and proper functioning it allows you to see a world beyond the 5 senses.


When used in meditation it becomes a magnifier of your own inner healing. Chakras (sanskrit for wheels of light) are subtle energy centers in the body. As children we shine bright and show our true colors. Throughout life, things get in the way and our lights dim, our energies become disharmonious causing a state of dis-ease. Through spiritual practices it is possible to clear blockages and balance your subtle body. Meditation and Nutrition are the key!


Packaged in a Mason Jar for enhanced Aromatherapuetic preservation, with compostable label.

Includes a complimentary tumbled Rose Quartz stone.


Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) is an ancient tree that grows in sacred places all around the world. It can be found enveloping the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and has been long regarded as the creator of the universe and the Tree of Life symbolizing the three worlds by the Mayans and indigenous people of Tropical America. They grow to over 200 ft. and produce hundreds of fruits. In the fruit is where the soft, silky fiber is found. Their spirits assist us in the creation ceremony of every CHARMM and aid the self-healing process during meditation. We source from a very sustainable and abundant source in Africa which helps the native community prosper.


One Size Fits All: Each CHARMM is adjustable up to three sizes.

Heart CHARMM - Anahata

  • Due to the nature of this product it is nonrefundable. However, if you feel there is an issue with the quality please contact us and we will do whatever we can to solve the issue.

  • Since creating each CHARMM is so unique, custom made, and labor intensive, it may take up to two weeks before shipping your order.