1 Leaf of Life, Life Everlasting and Mother of Thousands (Bryophyllum Pinnatum) is a unique and beautiful succulent native to Madagascar. Known by indigenous cultures as having the highest life force of all plants. It is a wonderful infusion for meditation, highly electric and invigorating for the respiratory system.
Containing everything needed to complete the Krev's cycle or Citric acid cycle in the body it gives us light energy for our light to engine within. It was used in Mayan medicine. Taken as a tea or used externally in the form of fresh juice or poultice. It aids in the natural body process in common colds, lung ailments, skin ulcerations, sprains, headaches and pain. Used traditionally as a longevity tonic. The name Mother of Thousands alludes tothe plan'ts ability to grow so prolifically from a single leaf. Lefty without food, light or water for months a single leaf can survive and be easily rooted to give birth to thousands more!
Simply lay ontop of well draining soil in a shady area, soak thoroughly one time and in 3 to 4 weeks new plants will sprout!
The Leaf of Life will be fresh harvested from our own garden.
It can be chopped up and steeped with boiled water covered for 20 minutes. Perfect before meditation!
Once the plant is fully grown take leaves and make new plants, and harvest the extra leaves for tea or juice!
*Bag and label are biodegradable*
*Statements not FDA approved

Leaf of Life (Bryophyllum pinnatum)