Organic Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Moringa Seed Oil from the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia. 20 ml


This High Quality Oil is amazing for the skin, containing Zeatin which is proven to stimulate Collagen production to Rejuvenate and Revitalize! I use it on my skin every night 

This Moringa Seed Oil contains a high amount and diversity of Oleic Acid and Fatty Acids and is Rich in Minerals making it the Best Moisturizer and Nourisher. Taken internally it improves the body's natural healing ability especially in the digestive system.


This Moringa Seed Oil comes from a Conscious Establishment that intentionally gives back to the community by employing the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada with living wages.

Being around the Indigenous  peoples our selves we can say this Oil is truly Blessed by their presence. 10% of the proceeds of the company go to preserving the land and culture of the indigenous tribes of the area. 



Moringa Oil


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