Inhale the Purest Scent of Jasmine with our Latest Creation, The New Moon Jasmine Manifestation Candle. 

HandPoured on the Aries New Moon this Specific Ram New Moon is very intensely energetically focused for Spiritual New Beginnings. Full of Motivational Ram Energy and Power.

We have HandCrafted this New Moon Jasmine Manifestation Candle with MoonStones charged under the New Moon, Jasmine Flowers, Pure Jasmine Essential Oil, and 100% Natural Soybean Shelll Wax.

The Spirit of the Jasmine Plant is all about Purity, Renewal of Innocence, and Returning us to our Original Essence within. Jasmine works escpecially welll with this Arian New Moon to assist you in resetting your Spiritual State and wiping the slate clean for your Unique Manifestations.

Available in 16oz jar size.




New Moon Jasmine Manifestation Candle


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