Reiki Charged Palo Santo Love Spray made with Sustainably Sourced Palo Santo Essential Oil, & Organic Witch Hazel, & Neutral Distilled Water. Charged  with Golden Calcite & Black Tourmaline Crystals stored within the Patented MIRON Black Violet Glass Spray bottle with the finest mist spray known to man.
Use to surround your senses with an energetic hug full of protection, cleansing and love. 
Opens Heart Chakra, aids in manifesting your intentions while reinforcing your energetic light bodies. 

Clear space of low vibes.

Use instead of palo santo smoke smudge for situations that do not allow open flame.


4 oz reusable MIRON Glass Spray Bottle


MIRON glass is a patented glass that is proven to improve molecular structure of contents, preserving them infinitely and protecting from any degradation whatsoever.

Perfect for making your own essential oil spray, facial toner etc.

Palo Santo Love Spray


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