We create our Sun Inspired Body Scrub with:

The HIghest Quality Dead Sea Salt that is known to contain the highest mineral content

Organic Plants that are ruled by The Sun and so contain that powerful Solar Energy. These herbs are excellent at skin soothing, while encouraging healing and circulation throughout the body

High Quality Essential OIls that we formulate into an aromatic essence of the Sun, when we think of what the SUn would smell like this is it! This Aromatherapy invigorates the body and mind, and encourages the happy feelings of Sun Bathing on a cloudless day

And last but not least!
This Sun Scrub is Created with Alchemically Enhanced with ORMUS Infused Oils.  

What is ORMUS?

For thousands of years ORMUS has been extracted and used by adept alchemists for healing the body, balancing/uniting the hemispheres of the brain, increasing nervous system conductivity, and heightening spiritual awareness.

Our solution contains over 70% Monoatomic Gold extracted from the purest Dead Sea Salt.

There are 14 known Noble Metals which have the ability to reach this monoatomic state. In this M-State they are superconductive, which means the nervous system, brain, muscles, skin, eyes, basically everything that contains high amount of these minerals (our maing organs) are able to transfer information from cell to cell more than 800 times more effectively, with virtually 0 electrical resistance. It also feeds the light body, being essentially powdered light.
The method we use is the the Essenes used in Israel and Egypt for thousands of years. It is found in almost all organic things, it's just a matter of knowing where the highest concentrations are and being able to extract it.

SO not only does this Sun Scrub lift your Mind and Spirit with Aromatherapy, Invigorate and Nourish the Body, but the ORMUS and extensive minerals absorbed through the Skin (largest organ of the body, that eats anything you put on it) can dramatically iimprove the body's natural abitlity to heal.

We hope you can appreciate the Love and Energy we put into this product, and enjoy the experience and benefits of using our Sun Inspired Body Scrub.

Infinite Blessings of Golden Love

Sun Body Scrub


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