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Divine Feminine Art by Amanda Lynn Hails  

Return of the Divine Shakti Goddess Retreat

The Divine Feminine Awakens

Hello My Beautiful Goddesses I invite you to join us and Jump on the Bandwagon of  Divine Feminine Enlightenment that is happening all around us...


"Shakti" is the primordial cosmic energy, the personification of The Divine Feminine Creative Force translating literally to mean power, ability, strength, effort, energy, & capability. The Return of the Divine Shakti Retreat embodies our Collective Return to Our Primordial Cosmic Energy of Our True Divine Self.


Come to heal, reconnect, innerstand your being and LOVE Yourself Fearlessly.

We will meet in sisterhood to share, sing, drum, heal, clear, cry and laugh as we share sacred space together.


We will be diving deeper into the darkness of our shadows, our insecurities, fears, jealousy, resentments and pain to let all of it to the surface so that we can gracefully transmute it with



If you like playing small THIS IS NOT the retreat for you.  Return of The Divine Shakti Goddess Retreat is for the FEARLESS, The WILD, The Woman who's ready to be called on her shit.  It is NOT a retreat for those who get offended easily or like to play the Victim or those who are satisfied with putting bandages on their issues!


 If you are ready to step into your power THIS IS IT!

How can you move forward to The Highest Version of Yourself if You Cannot be TRUE TO YOU?!

We will Unite as Sisters, as we did in Ancient Times and hold Sacred Space for one another.  

We will be partaking in A Plant Medicine Ceremony, Sound Healing, Alchemy, Womb Healing, Shamanic Breathing, Transmutation Meditations, Quantum Manifestation so much more!


Some of The Things That You Will Experience:


1. Plant Medicine Ceremony 

2. Shamanic Breathwork

3. Full Moon Fire Circle Releasing Ritual

4. Connecting To Your Inner Child (Your little girl Within)

5. Forgiveness Meditation/Dissolving Energetic Cords

6. Entering Your Heart - Ancient Wisdom Teachings - Manifesting From this Space

7. Connecting With Your Yoni  (Sacred Temple) Understanding Sexual Relationships (Shielding and Clearing)

9. Ancient Egyptian Anointing Ceremony 


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Dates for Shakti Retreat have been suspended for the undetermined future.

Please check back soon.


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