Zen Tea Ceremony
We offer a beautiful ceremony which will bring you into a state of harmony and bliss. Let the stress and troubles of daily life
be gently washed away.
These ceremonies have traditionally been practiced for thousands of years by many cultures, largely the Japanese.
They cultivate unity and equality in the community while instilling awareness, happiness and love in our daily lives.
We proudly serve our proprietary alchemical herbal tea specifically created for our ceremonies.
it is designed to stimulate awareness and focus while allowing the mind to rest, the circulation to flow and the body to relax.
It is perfectly balanced blend of
3 herbs and 3 flowers,
as well as Sun charged 24k Gold Flakes and Moon charged Sterling Silver Flakes to provide a powerful Yin and Yang energy.
Ceremony lasts about 2 hours, we recommend bringing a comfy pillow or mat to sit on and blind-fold for meditation.
Upcoming dates to be announced
For Private Ceremony please contact us by
clicking below.
(5 person minimum)